Meet the family

We were united together as one in 1998.
The Lord is the head of our marriage.  We desire to live for Him in all that we do.  We strive to bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  We fall so short so often and can be a bit messy at times.  But  by His grace, He continues to refine us.
My extremely talented husband is by trade an architect, paramedic, fire fighter and pastor, but by design he is a husband, father, carpenter, plumber, electrician, farmer, gardener and inventor.  The camp has him using almost all of his talents on a regular basis.  He is very much a Mr. Visionary for those of you who have read Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Perl.  He loves to try new and exciting things.    He also has a vision for his family to know and follow hard after the Lord.  He leads our family well towards this goal. One thing that I love dearly about this man is his faithful devotion and love to me and our children.
Jeff enjoys Friday family/pizza night, fabricating new ideas, delving into farming, reading, making kettle popcorn in the fire, anything with a challenge, working side by side with his children, problem solving, wrestling with the kiddos, having a wood burning stove, and discovering God’s truth through His word.  His favorite saying is ‘Table of 8 please.’ 
I, Jennie, am very much in love with my very handsome, multi-talented, God fearing husband.  Being a wife and a mommy has always been my ultimate desire.  I love being able to stay at home and serve my family no matter how crazy it can get.  Six years ago I took on the role of 'home educator' and can't imagine our lives without it. 

When time allows I attempt to sew and make our surroundings more beautiful.  The girls and I enjoy stamping and making lots of cards.  Although we make more messes than cards. :)  This past year Jeff bought me a camera I must say that my joy in taking pictures has dramatically increased!
I love taking nature walks with the kiddos, preserving food, reading lots of books, playing games as a family, learning along with my children, mowing the lawn, garage sales , learning to love my laundry, being a help meet to my husband, cooking from scratch, gleaning wisdom form others, and date nights with my man.
Two years and two months after our marriage, God blessed us with our first baby girl.


Bailie Mae, who is now 12 years old, is growing into a beautiful young lady.  She loves to read, knit and sew, anything artsy, create things with duct tape, redecorate the house, serve others, play with her siblings, be outdoors, socialize, see a need and fill it.  She was blessed with  the gift of compassion.
Three years after Bailie came our second baby girl.
Rylie Leanne, who is now 9, was our tiniest baby.  But don't let that fool you.  She is full of life and imagination!  She keeps things around here very lively.  She does everything with all the gusto she can muster up.  She enjoys being around people, cooking - especially making her own recipes, sewing, building forts, and longs to open her own Cafe one day.

16 months after Rylie, God blessed us with another baby girl.

Lillie Marie who is 8, has a very tender heart.  She loves to read {especially God's word}, knit and is learning how to sew.  She enjoys playing with her siblings and being outdoors.  She is our animal lover and can spot one out a mile away.  She is very laid back and loves to cuddle.

19 months after Lillie came our first baby boy.

Jackson Paul, who is now 6 years old, was excitedly welcomed into our progesterone filled house!  He loves to construct with legos or K-Nex, draw and color, play with his siblings {especially Lillie}.   He has a very tender heart, has a deep compassion for others and is our prayer warrior.  

25 months after Jack came our second son.

Samuel David is now 4 years old.  He enjoys hammering, taking things apart and trying to figure out how to put them back together again, hammering, riding on the tractor, did I mention he really likes to hammer?  He loves to be outdoors, and causes his mother to always wonder his whereabouts and doings.  He has several sisters who run to his aid but prefers me to kiss his boo boos.  He loves to help whether it's carrying in wood, building something with dad and can keep busy for hours with a scrap piece of wood, hammer and nails.
21 months after Samuel, God decided to give us another sweet baby girl.

Madeline Jane is now 2 years old.  She has been such a joy!  She loves to play with her older siblings and pretend she is just as big as they are, ride on her horse rocker, chase after our kittens, and snuggle.   

We feel very honored that God chose us to help raise these children.  We look forward to see how God will use each and every one of them to further His kingdom.