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Anonymous said...

Hello Jennie, Just letting you know all the teens from Celina are enjoying following how your family doing:)
~Daniel and teens from Grace

Catherine said...

Hi Jennie, I came across your blog by chance, having googled "Christmas Bells Still Ringing", the title of a song my son has just composed. I thought I would leave a comment, just to say hi and to wish you and your family well. My life is very different to yours - I have been a single mum for fourteen years. Everything is fine - I work full time, and we muddle through. I thought you seemed a sincere, good person, anyway, and that I would send you and your family a warm greeting from the UK!. Catherine. xx

Mari Gilbert said...

What A Beautiful Family, and Blog.
I posted this link to my FB.
I also sent your link to my daughters.
Looking forward to many, many hours of enjoyment here!
Keep up the Great Work. Thanks for sharing your family with my family.