Sunday, March 8, 2015

Warner Winter Happenings

 Our 'puppy' had her own litter of 5 puppies.  It was a fun experience yet Jeff and I were glad to see them find new homes.


The boys were gifted with Keva blocks this Christmas and this is one of the many creations they made.  My pirates enjoy building and drawing ships and castles.

Grandma Nana (Rapp) helped them make this craft after reading a book about clouds.  My mom has started to help with the two youngest once a week reading a few books and doing a craft or activity.  Even though I don't have any pictures, Grandpa and Grandma Warner take these two every Wednesday to story hour at our local library where they are read to and do some sort of craft.  Our children are so blessed to have grandparents who pour into them and help us in our endeavors to educate at home.

Jeff's mother took Bailie to a 4 week Mosaic class and this was Bailie's creation.  Then she took Bailie and Jack (our most artistic children) for a two week painting class.  They really enjoyed themselves.  Thanks so much Janie!!!


Bailie started taking guitar lessons this fall.

 Daniel was hired on as our summer help at the camp this year and somehow he managed to steel our hearts.  He has been added to our family and we feel so blessed to have all these families share their adult children with us.  This year Rylie asked for a 22  for her birthday.  We didn't think she was quite ready for one of her own, but as a gift, Daniel brought his gun on her birthday and set up a spot for her to do some target practice.  She was thrilled!!!

And here is a picture of the trebuchet catapult Daniel made for Jack for his birthday.  He even gave them safety lessons and how they need to do team work to get it to work efficiently.  Thanks Daniel!


Sweet memories with precious friends.  These lovely young ladies had a special day of a gift exchange then thrift store shopping followed up with the movie Annie.  Having good friends is such a blessing!!!

For Christmas this year Jeff gifted me with two nights away at Deer Creek Lodge.  It was so refreshing and simply beautiful to gaze out at the frozen lake while seeking the Lord, reading a book, sipping on tea and sitting beside my best friend.  My heart is Full!!! 

 This winter we decided to be more intentional with visiting those whom we love and admire.  
Above is Lillie playing a game with my dear Grandma.  We always enjoy our visits and somehow she always sends us home with some goodies.  Below is our former neighbor Madeline.  She will turn 90 in less than a month.  Oh how we miss living next door to her.

 And just last week we got to meet Miss Caroline and Miss Mary.  These precious little ones are my friend Dawn's newest babies.  She is now blessed with 4 girls 3 and under.  She is one busy and grateful momma!  I truly admire her tender heart, unconditional love and patience.  

My mom joined us this winter on a field trip to Victoria Theater to watch Coretta Scott King.  Of course we had to stop by La Fiesta on the way home.  Thanks mom.

We have been welcoming in the Sabbath this last month and trying to be more intentional about keeping the Sabbath.  We are in a process of learning but it has been most enjoyable to set time apart and learn more about this special commandment.

And the last of my pictures is a study that I have been slowly working my way through.  It is a powerful message from Mary Kassian.  I have read one other of her books titled 'Girl's Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild'.  Both are treasures.  This is a topic that every woman has at least one point or another struggled with...our speech.  Even though I have learned a lot over the years about my speech and how it reflects my heart, I always have room for growth!  Mary talks about our body language with or without speech and how it says more than our words.  And what about huffing? I'm Guilty!!!  I so want my speech, body language and tone to reflect the heart of Christ and so I must be constantly treating the soil of my heart with nutrients from His word.  

If you don't have time to read this study then take time to listen to her 9 part session that Nancy Leigh Demoss has on her website.  Who doesn't need a bit of encouragement on this subject?  After all James tells us that, "We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check."  James3:2

May the Lord bless you as you seek Him and continue to walk in His ways.

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