Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Day Pictures

It's official.  We are back to our formal studies.  The children were begging to start, so we did.  ;)  I personally love being back to a regular routine.  It seems we all work better under structure.  Here are our 'First Day of School' pictures.  

Opps...Lets try that again.  ;)


Jeff built 2 desks with a total of 4 computer stations.  This year the children are using the computers for math, Spanish, typing and spelling games.

Bailie's pastel chalk art creation.  Her favorite subject.  ;)
Everyday as we pull out our books and we expand our minds, I must remind myself that our main purpose in educating our children is to "...make ready a people prepared for the Lord." {Luke 1:17}.  

Dear Father,  Thank you for the opportunity to keep our children home and to learn together wisdom from books and more importantly wisdom from your Word.  Prepare our hearts, Lord, so we may pour You out like water onto the lives of our children.  May Your power be perfected in our weaknesses and help us to hear Your still small voice as we face the challenges of each day.  Father, I thank you that Your lovingkindness and compassions that never fail, that your mercies are new every morning, and that You abound with Grace.  Teach us, Father, to pass along this grace to our little ones, souls that you have entrusted in our care.  Father, equip us and our children, through Your word, to do every good work You call us to and to work heartily at whatever task is before us.  Draw us closer into Your presence.  May we be strengthened by You as we learn to trust in Your perfect will and way.  We Thank you in advance for the mighty work and growth You will do in each of our hearts this year.
Your ever learning daughter,

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