Thursday, April 24, 2014

Birthday Surprise

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Lillie and Kaleb.
They are exactly 10 years apart.
9 & 19


Bailie and Rylie decorated their cakes with help from Mrs. Tracy Artz who had been giving them decorating classes.  While they were at class, Lillie and I had a daughter/mother day out and she received a pedicure and manicure along with a hair trim and style by her Aunt Hollie.  On the way home she said, "Mommy, I feel so beautiful!"  *smile*

She received lots of fun gifts but her favorite was Miss Rosie {part collie part cockier spaniel}.  She had been asking for years for a puppy and we just couldn't bring ourselves to bring one home.  But Jeff and I had been talking lately how Lillie is our animal lover, it's just her God given bent, and we as her parents would like to foster our children in their bents...even if that means opening our home to a puppy.  I know, our home is already busy and lively, so whose going to even notice a puppy, right?  Well lets just say she hasn't received much down time yet.  

Last night our family watched several you tube videos on how to train a puppy and so today the children have been doing so well at training her to use the bathroom outside and giving her lots of love and praise.  She is doing quite well too.  Did I mention we are potty training another little person?  Yes, Jeff and I are almost ready to graduate from 14 years of diapers!  Yeah!!!  She too is receiving lots of love and praise...and candy, yes we bribe.  

It was so much fun to surprise you Lillie with this very special gift!  We love you sweetie!  Happy Birthday!!!

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Renee said...

Happy Birthday, Lillie and Kaleb! Lillie, I love your cute hairdo! Canaan, Isaiah, and Jordan loved your new puppy! What a cute gift!