Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vacation Part 5: The Last Days

We've been home now for almost a week.  We had such a wonderful time as a family and I have a few, ahem... ok, a lot of pictures to share from our last days in Florida.

We had several people ask us if we brought our 'schooling' along with us on our vacation.

We stopped and talked with this man, the one working with the cast net.  We were blessed to be able to talk with him for about 45 minutes.  He was very kind and let the children help him gather the fish he had caught.  In that short 45 minutes, we learned more about his childhood and what it was like to grown up on an island.  He told us about his earliest memories of him holding onto his mother leg as waves swept through their house knocking down some of the walls.  

He taught us techniques for casting the net and what bait to use to catch certain fish.  He informed us of how the tides move in and out and how that effects the position of the fish. 

Photo credit:  Miss Bailie Mae
Daddy's helpers pushing the beach mobile.

Photo Credit:  Miss Bailie Mae

Our very last day at the ocean, we were blessed to meet up with my cousin Sally and her husband Kevin.  They brought their Jet Skies and ferried each of us over to a giant sandbar near the Tampa Bay area.  Sally guessed that the sandbar was about the equivalent of a couple acres.   It was an amazing day of exploration and discovery.  

The answer was no, we didn't take any of our 'schooling' with us,  in fact, we don't even like the word 'schooling' or it's concept.  We did however allow our minds to be educated while we held, tasted, saw and listened to everything the creator had set before us. 

"Taste and see that the Lord is good."  Psalm 34:8

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