Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vacation Part 4: The Beach

Awww.  There is not much like it.  The sun on your face, the sound of the ocean, the cool breeze and sand everywhere.  Love it!  There is something for everyone to do and a place where mom and dad can relax and watch everyone enjoy themselves.

Yep...this is us.  The hillbilly's of the beach.  Is it any wonder that people ask us on a daily basis if they can take our picture?

This was taken on a morning walk with my dearest Bailie.

Lillie with the cast net

Working hard on their fort...complete with a kitchen and beds.

Setting up the fort

Lillie catches the shiners with the cast net and the children keep them in this.  I told you we're hillbilly's

Then we use the shiners as bait to catch the bigger fish and keep them here.

Lillie caught a flounder...yum

Even Maddie caught something

We've mostly caught crevalle jacks, a few lady fish, one spotted trout and one flounder...so far.  :)

My little Mermaids

and this tops off our days!!!

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Sandy Angle said...

You know how to brighten an aunt's day!!! These just made me smile...and cry...tears of joy and happiness!!! Love you all Have fun and make memories!!! :)