Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Daughter's Surprise Bedroom Makeover

We've been talking about it for quite some time now...moving Maddie from the crib in our bedroom into the bedroom with her sisters.  This past winter Bailie and I had been searching pinterest for ideas on redecorating their room.  She decided on gray and yellow with an accent of teal.  Then Spring hit and the bedroom was put on the back burning.

A few weeks ago, Jeff had the brilliant idea to surprise the girls with a new bedroom when they come home from a week away at Kids Camp.  So that became our goal.  Bridget already had plans to spend the week with us during kids camp to be an extra pair of eyes and arms for me.  I'm so thankful for Bridget and her extremely hard work.  She stayed up with me until 11:30 most nights working on the bedroom and up again at 6:00 some mornings to paint.  She is such a diligent worker and was just as excited to see their faces as we were.  Our family is so blessed to have a dear like her!  Thank you so much Bridget!!!  We wouldn't have reached our goal without you.

My amazing husband made the girls these new bunk beds. 

He built each bed with it's own cubby to store books and personal items.

We bought each of the girls their own dresser at IKEA and most of the decorations we bought at Hobby Lobby and Target.  Of course the girls Grandma's both contributed to the decor.

We left a few projects for Bailie and I to work on together; painting the trunk, putting scripture on the walls and door and making this adorable wall decoration


kelly said...

OH wow!! I love it!! The colors are so neat! I bet the girls are thrilled!! =)

Sandy Angle said...

Love it...what a neat surprise!! Would have loved to seen their faces when they saw it for first time!!!

Kim said...

Ohhhh! It turned out so nice. I really like the cubby idea at the head of their beds, no wasted space. It's so neat to see the room complete. What a wonderful surprise full of love!

MARCIA said...

This looks like it's straight out of a magazine! Beautiful!

Jackie Angle said...

Was fun to look at this post. We were just in Montana at Sally's and she and her dad built beds for her 4 girls. here is the link you can check out if you want.

Jill said...

Neat Jennie! I didn't know you were surprising the girls! You have such good taste.