Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Lillie

Eight years ago, God blessed our family with your presence.  From day one you have been so laid back and sweet natured.  We are so honored to have you apart of this family.

In honor of your special day I'm going to name 8 things about you that make you so special.

1.)  You love animals.  No matter where we are or even while driving in the car, you are the first one to spot an animal.  You were the one who had the patience when a feral kitten came around our home.  You would sit out in the garage with a hand full of kitten food just waiting to make friends with her.  Black Beauty finally gave you her trust and has been a great hunting cat for us.

2.)  You are so eager to read.  You have taken longer than your sisters in learning how to read.  Maybe it's because you excel so much with numbers and are flying in your math.  I'm so glad that you are reading now and I know it's just a matter of time before you'll be zooming your way through chapter books.  You want to choose the books that are above your grade level and you always say that you can't wait until you read as good as Bailie because then you'll be reading all the time.

3.)  You always remind us to read you children the Bible.  Daddy and Mommy are both weak in the area of consistency.  God knew we would need a child like you to help remind us to read His word to you children.  We are so grateful for your reminders, but we are more grateful that you know His word is our foundation.

4.)  You and Jack have a special bond.  You love all of your siblings but Jack holds a special place in your heart.  You two want to do everything together.  I'm so glad that you have one another to talk with, play together and share your childhood together.

5.)  You are one of my children who thrive on physical contact.  Whether it's cuddling, sitting close to someone that you're arms are pressed together or around each other, holding hands, grabbing my finger to follow words while reading, or sitting on laps.  This is a need for you and we are learning to fill it for you. 

6.)  You have a heart for those in need.  When ever mommy uses the speech 'there are others who only get one bowl of rice a day, you should be thankful for what you have...' you always genuinely ask why we can't send them all of our food.  The Money that you tithe you have chosen to buy $5.00 gift cards to Wendy's to pass out to people we see in need of food.  God has planted a seed in your precious heart for adoption.  Although it would be hard to find a house as big as your heart to hold all the children you would love to care for. 

7.)  You love to serve others and you're a hard worker.  Just this past weekend I had an older couple tell me how much you helped them by unpacking their van and bringing supplies to them as they needed.  You also was able to walk and play with their puppy which made your day.  I was so proud of your heart toward helping others.   

8.)  God has blessed you with a meek and quiet spirit.  You usually don't mind if you are interrupted or letting someone else go first, being stuck at the back of the line, or being the last one to get a treat.  Although just because you are willing, mommy and daddy have to make a conscience effort not to let that happen all the time.

We love you so much Miss Lillie and are so excited to see what all the Lord has in mind for your future.  Don't ever be afraid to dream BIG!  Our God is Big enough!!!  

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Traci said...

Happy Birthday, Lillie!! You are a very sweet and special little girl and we are grateful that you are in our lives.

Love, Miss Traci