Monday, February 4, 2013

Lilla Rose Review + Give Away

A little over a year ago I started hearing a buzz over the internet concerning Lilla Rose.  I remember signing up for a few giveaways and paying a few visits to Lilla Rose to watch their videos.  It wasn't until my dear friend Lana started selling them that I finally placed an order.

If my memory serves me right, I think I received my clips shortly before summer.  Summer is a time when I am rarely found with my hair down.  We are always on the go and it's much cooler and easier to wear my hair out of my face and off my neck.  That summer was a perfect time for me to get well accustomed to these fine clips.  I wore one at least 4 times a week.

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear Lilla Rose products.  Just to tell you how easy their products are to use, it took my daughter and I only 30 minutes to do all these up-do's and snap pictures.
 What I Love about Lilla Rose:

Their products promote femininity.  For those of you who have visited my corner of the blog-sphere, you already know that I'm a big fan of embracing our God given femininity.  These clips not only are comfortable and hold my hair in place but they're beautiful and dainty.  When I am wearing one of their products I can't help but feel feminine.

They're so easy to use.  I am a busy homeschooling momma.  I don't have a whole lot of time to spend on cleaning my house let alone fixing my hair.  Living as caretakers of a Christian church camp, we have lots of people stop in and usually unannounced, so I do prefer to look like I didn't just roll out of bed.  Lilla Rose clips are the easiest product I have found to whip my hair into a beautiful five minute creation. 

Lilla Rose has helpful advice.  Not only do I not have time to work on my hair, I'm not one to be creative when it comes to hairstyles.  One of my favorite things about Lilla Rose was that they have actual videos showing us how to accomplish different hair styles.  Some of you may be creative enough on your own, but I needed a place to start.  

It's easy to order without trying on the product.  I was really skeptical about ordering on line due to sizing.  They eased my mind when I found their sizing video.  I do want to emphasize the importance of watching these videos before ordering.  I needed a few different sizes for the different hair styles I knew I would wear.  In the videos they talk about different hair textures and lengths and what size will suite each one.  If by chance I received my product and it was the wrong size, I had 90 days to exchange my clip.  They also have a 1 year guarantee on defective items.

The flexi-clips are one piece.  If you live in a house with more than one child than you know how hard it is to keep pieces together.  Whether it's game pieces, legos, or polly pockets.  These clips are one thing you don't have to worry about separating.

Why buy your Lilla Rose clips from Lana

Lana and her husband along with their 3 precious children are in the process of adopting M from I*dia.  All the proceeds she earns from selling Lilla Rose goes towards bringing their son home.  This is an easy way to do regular shopping and support an adoption at the same time.  Won't you join us in helping to connect M to his forever family?  If you already have a Lilla Rose consultant, please be loyal to her.

Now for the giveaway!!!  Independent Consultant Lana Bayer is graciously sponsoring this giveaway of the item of your choice up to $16 from her website.  The giveaway is for new Lilla Rose customers only.*  The giveaway will close at midnight on Valentine's day, February 14, 2013.  Good luck to each of you!!!   *** Before watching the videos on the Lila Rose site, please scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click pause on my music. ***

Thank you in advance to each of you who contribute to connecting these hearts.  May the Lord richly bless you for your generosity.

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Kim said...

Thank you so much for posting about Lilla Rose as I've been wanting to order several more clips and try a few new things too.
I really like my clips. They hold up very well, are beautiful to look at, are EASY to use, and just make me smile.
I never knew Lana had a webpage and I'm so glad to be helping with the adoption.

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try one of these! Melanie

Diane said...

I would really love to win one... They are such versatile... I am getting a bit tired of my pony or bun using a boring old scrunchy. Thanks for give away!

Diane said...

Oops... I forgot to mention the size... medium!

BTW, I love the music on your blog! Such a wonderful selection...(it was a bit distracting while watching the videos on sizing and style for the Lilla Rose, though).

Homestead Living said...

You're right. I bet that was distracting. I'm so sorry. My music stopped working about 4 months ago and I forgot that it started back up again. For anyone else who reads this, please scroll down and press pause on the music before watching the Lilla Rose videos.
Thanks for stopping by. Good luck!

Moriah Jordan Miller said...

I do not own a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip, but I have used one once! A friend of mine let me borrow and use her flexi clip when I was having difficulty with my bobby pins. It was one of the celtic designs. I loved it! It prevents damage to the hair, compared to the bobby pins! I love the cross designs, myself. :]

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to win a flexi clip!

Melody said...

I love their headbands--the fact that they're adjustable keeps them from being too tight on my head and giving a headache. :)

Manuela Liebelt said...

I like all of their products. It is really hard to decide which one I like most. I think I like the hairbands the most. thank you for the giveaway!!

Kandle y. said...

Thank you for the opportunity! I love the idea of getting one for my girl!

The "Dabblebits" said...

I've already purchased one of these in the small size. I absolutely love it! It's simple to use and so feminine! I can only use my small one for half up styles, so I'd love to have a large one to try out some of the other styles! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Maureen said...

I liked Lana's Facebook page! My facebook name is Maureen Armstrong Tenney


Maureen said...

I love the french twist! I would need a size small!


Maureen said...

I love the rosey heart flexi. Unfortunately, it is already sold out :(