Monday, February 18, 2013

Books I Intend to Read in 2013

This is the first year I've made a list of books I intend to read.  I know that I'm a little late seeing that it's the middle of February and all, but I'd rather be late than not having a goal to work towards.  I'm hoping that writing these down and checking them off will help keep me accountable.

The Well Ordered Home
Raising Godly Tomatoes  {a friend lent this to me and I can tell it's going to be one of my all-time favorite mothering/parenting books.}
True Christian Motherhood
No Ordinary Home
Homechooling Supermom...Not:  When Grace Meets Homeschooling
Trim and Healthy Momma
Health for Godly Generations
Eating Clean in a Dirty World
How to Raise a Healthy Child In spite of Your Doctor
The Mom Walk:  Keeping in Step with God's Heart For Motherhood
Give Them Grace:  Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus
The Quest For Meekness & Quietness of Spirit (Puritan Writings)
Discipline:  The Glad Surrender 
Kisses From Katie  {I've had so many friends and family refer this book and this year I'd like to finally read it.}
Raising Real Men
Sweet Journey
Master Your DSLR Camera

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the linen closet said...

Thanks for putting the links to the books so I can read reviews about them. "Raising Real Men" sounds really good, and I think I'd like to read it. It is nice to find good councel from people who have already tackled some on life battles ahead of me. :-)
Have a blessed day!