Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Giant Killer

"They are teaching you to know yourself, my Bertha.  They are not causing the selfishness in your soul; they are only tearing away the veil which prevented you from knowing that it was there.  A gilt object may appear as well as a gold one until it is tried in the fire; it is the furnace of temptation which proves of what metal we are made.  A lake looks clear and pure while perfectly still:  the oar which stirs up the sand from below is not the cause of the sand being there; it lay in the depths before, like evil in the depths of our hearts."

Bertha heaved a deep sigh.  "It is very painful to find out that we are so much worse than we thought ourselves,"  she said. 

"The discovery is painful, but very valuable.  You would not go to meet an enemy blindfold?  You must see him before you can fight him; you must know your faults before you can subdue them."

"Bertha felt the truth of her mother's words and instead of only dwelling on the failings of their guests, she applied the lesson to herself." 

The Giant Killer  A.L.O.E.

This gem and others can be found at Lamplighter Publishing.  What, you have never heard of lamplighter?  Oh, then you must go and check them out dear friend.  They are full of rich character building stories that speak to children and adults alike.  

Some of our favorites are; The Basket of Flowers, Charlies Choice, Buried in the Snow, A Peep Behind the Scenes, Ishmael, Self Raised, Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince, The White Gypsy,  Hedge of Thorns, The Giant Killer, The Golden Thread, The Three Weavers, Saved at Sea, Throw Me Overboard, The Vanishing Note and The Wanderer in Africa.  May I also say that their audio drama is top notch!!!  Lamplighter usually has a big sale the month of January.  You won't want to miss it!

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