Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Best Gift a Mother Can Give Her Children...Herself

From the beginning of time, God created the home to be a place sufficient to nurture genius, excellence, graciousness and grand civility.

But the key factor is nothing that can be purchased or owned.

The accomplishment of this grand life is found only in the soul of a mother, through the power of the Holy Spirit, personally mentoring her children.

It is a personal relationship with a real person whose soul is alive in which the deepest imprints of life are given.

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Oh Father, help me to be faithful at giving myself freely and joyfully to my little ones.  Help me to see the value of truly listening to their long stories and funny quirks.  May this house not be remembered for it's shining floors and crystal clear windows but for it's peace, joy, always learning, love and most definitely filled with your presence as you mold each one of us into the likeness of your Son.

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Kim said...

After having a challenging week, I think this post is so good for me. I saw it earlier in the week but didn't take the time to read it.....maybe I should have and maybe my week would have been better for the children and me. :)
Thanks for the encouragement,