Monday, December 17, 2012

The Duties of Parents

I happened upon a free gem this morning originally published in the 19th century and wanted to share it with you.  The Duties of Parents  By: J.C. Ryle
Here are few exerts from this delightful read.

"Love should be the silver thread that runs through all your
conduct. Kindness, gentleness, long-suffering, forbearance,
patience, sympathy, a willingness to enter into childish
troubles, a readiness to take part in childish joys, — these
are the cords by which a child may be led most easily, —
these are the clues you must follow if you would find the
way to his heart."

"Precious, no doubt, are these little ones in your eyes; but if
you love them, think often of their souls. No interest should
weigh with you so much as their eternal interests. No part
of them should be so dear to you as that part which will
never die. The world, with all its glory, shall pass away; the
hills shall melt; the heavens shall be wrapped together as a
scroll; the sun shall cease to shine. But the spirit which
dwells in those little creatures, whom you love so well, shall
outlive them all, and whether in happiness or misery (to
speak as a man) will depend on you." 

"The chief end of his life is the salvation of his soul."

"Prayer is the mightiest engine God has placed in our hands.
It is the best weapon to use in every difficulty, and the
surest remedy in every trouble. It is the key that unlocks
the treasury of promises, and the hand that draws forth
grace and help in time of need. It is the silver trumpet God
commands us to sound in all our necessity, and it is the cry
He has promised always to attend to, even as a loving
mother to the voice of her child."

"Parents, if you love your children, do all that lies in your
power to train them up to a habit of prayer. Show them
how to begin. Tell them what to say. Encourage them to
persevere. Remind them if they become careless and slack
about it. Let it not be your fault, at any rate, if they never
call on the name of the Lord."

"Reader, if you love your children, I charge you, do not let
the seed-time of a prayerful habit pass away unimproved. If
you train your children to anything, train them, at least, to
a habit of prayer."


Kim said...

Thank you Jennie for this thought-provoking book. I just printed it off to keep it for bedside reading and I know that the Lord will be speaking to me through it.

Teaching our children to talk to the Lord each and every minute IS the most important relationship they can have; it will guide them each step.

the linen closet said...

Such good advice Jennie. Prayer is a crucial foundation for our children, and they are never too young to learn. I love to see how the Lord works in their lives and to see them be obedient to his voice.
Have a blessed Christmas.