Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smiley Rylie

Today is the day that we celebrate the wonderful way that God created you, Miss Rylie!!!  It's hard to believe that it's been 9 years since God gave you to us.  You were such a tiny little thing weighing in at only 6lbs 11oz, our smallest baby.  What joy you have brought to our family with all of that LIFE you have been given to share.  You make this home so much more interesting and fun!  We love you dearly.  

In honor of your 9th birthday, I would like to tell 9 things about you that make you so special.

1.}  You LOVE to be surrounded by people!!!  You are definitely our social bug who doesn't know a stranger and the one who tells everyone our life stories.  Because you are so fun to be around, you have lots of friends.  During camps you are in your element while socializing and having fun with everyone who is on the grounds. {Whoever said homeschoolers are UN-socialized haven't met us!!! ;)}

2.}  You love to be in the kitchen cooking or baking.  You dream of one day opening your own cafe...'Rylie's Cafe'.  Your favorite thing is to come up with your own recipes.  You will try something and write it down then if it doesn't turn out quite right you will try again, always taking notes to make sure you don't forget.  Today you will be baking your own birthday cake and LOVING it!!  Here I must add that your grandmothers are really good at having you over to help them bake.  You also made a special friend at camp in Cherri.  This past May she had you over to bake and boy did you have fun.  You remind me every once in a while how much Cherri spoiled you that day.  She is already banking on another baking day with you next year Cherri.  :)

This year you won First Place / Best of Show on your Peanut Butter Surprise Cupcakes.
3.}  You have really enjoyed learning how to sew this year.  In-fact, you are really hoping to get a sewing machine for your birthday, along with some cooking tools and a violin.  You have really improved your sewing skills this year thanks to your sewing class at co-op and me relaxing in my expectations.  You are working now on sewing projects for all of your cousins for Christmas.  Oh how excited you are to give them their gifts!

4.}  You love living on a farm.  When we are assigning chores for the year, you are the first one to volunteer to take care of the animals.  Although sometimes you take a lot longer finishing your chores because not only do you water and feed them, but you pet them, talk to them and even ride them around for a while. 

Seems like you've enjoyed sitting on animals for some time now.  :)

5.}  You love to serve others.  Living here at camp allows you to use this gift quite often.  Weather it's helping in the kitchen or offering to help unload vehicles for families or pushing little ones on the swings, you love to help when ever you can.  What a wonderful gift!!!

6.}  You love being an older sister.  From the time Maddie was born you would beg to hold her and put her to sleep.  You have the special touch , you lightly tickle her cheeks and she would calm right down.  Now you are her buddy.  She follows you around while you work on your chores and you have her help you.  This is a big help to mommy because not only is she occupied but she is learning at a young age how to help and be a blessing to our family.

7.}  You really enjoy writing letters to people, especially your family.  I find envelopes with sweet letters on my computer or by my bed stand or tucked in my bible.  They are always encouraging and telling us that you 'love us so so so so much'.  I will treasure these love letters always!

Here is one from a few years ago.

8.}  You have a WILD imagination!  I remember, not to long ago, of a little girl who dreamed that one day she would become a jungle girl.  Now you want Daddy to build you a cafe in our back yard by the goat pin so your customers can eat and sip tea while watching the animals jump around.  Daddy and I enjoy hearing you play and listening to some of the things you come up with.  You like to pretend that you and Lillie are twins and dress similar.  You were mice in Florida when you found something that resembled a tale.  What a blessing to have been gifted with such a creative mind!

9.}  You are growing in your faith day by day.  It is so fun as a parent to watch your children grow both physically, mentally and spirituality.  Every so often (more and more) I will find you in your bedroom sitting down with your bible open and reading God's word and pondering over it.  One of your favorite verses right now, that you found and choose to memorize, " Teach me how to live as you have promised. Don't let any sin be my master."  Psalm 119:133.   I pray that you continue to grow in wisdom and love of your heavenly Father, that you will love and honor Him  all days of your life, and that your life will bring glory to the Lord.  We love you Rylie Leanne Warner.  It is a pleasure to be your mother!

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kelly said...

Happy Birthday Rylie-roo!! We love you!! <3