Monday, December 24, 2012

Sam I Am

Today we celebrate you, Sam I am!!!  We are so grateful that God dreams bigger than we do.  He gave us a very special gift 4 years ago and in honor of your 4th Birthday, I will list 4 things about you that make you so extremely special.

1.} You love working with daddy.  Any chance you have to work with daddy makes you beam from the inside out.  You can't wait until you grow up big like your dad.  Almost everyday you say something like, "look Mom,  I'm eating all my food.  I'm growing big now like daddy."

2.}  You are perfectly content to just play by yourself.  All the kids could be out playing one thing and you'll be in the sand box driving your trucks or in the garden with a shovel.  You don't need to be entertained much.  Although you are enjoying learning your letters on a computer game called Star Fall.  You recognize the letter S.  Every time you see an S you say, "look, there's Sam I am!" or if it's on a sign you say, "There's Sam's Club!"

3.}  You seem to be very mechanically inclined.  Daddy and I will find you taking something apart just so you could put it back together again. Since you were toddling around you have had an obsession with keys.  You've lost the tractor key more than once and daddy permanently bolted a chain to the key on the golf cart.

4.}  You are just starting to pray by yourself.  Although sometimes it's hard to understand exactly what you are saying, it's precious to here you praise the Lord with your own lips.  We pray that you will grow to be a faithful and mighty soldier in the Lord's Army.  As you grow to know your Heavenly Father, we pray that His thoughts will become your thoughts and His ways your ways.  May you always seek truth and wisdom.  We love you Sam and are so thankful for your presence in this family.  

Happy Birthday Sam I am!!!


Anonymous said...

Tell Sam "Happy Birthday from one Sam I Am to another"
Sam Silvers

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! He sounds like a special little guy!! Hugs to you, Jennie!!! Renee

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Sam.....from Noah!