Friday, December 28, 2012

Feeding The Birds

The joy of fresh falling snow
I hurry to get outdoors,
with lots of grain and plastic pail
I begin to do my chores.

Birds of all different colors
arrive to sample my seeds,
I ladle out an assortment
to supply their hungry needs.

Blue-jays, bright red cardinals
woodpeckers, timid little titmouse,
doves, wrens, even a gray squirrel
there are feeders all around my house.

God gave us these beautiful birds
to put joy into our winter day,
feeding them fills me with pleasure
because I want them all to stay.

Author: Adine Cathey

*Bird feeder recipe found here.
*Popcorn and dried fruit along with other ideas for feeding the birds with children found here.


Renee said...

What a beautiful post - the pictures and the poem! The bird feeder ideas look like a lot of fun...we'll have to try them when it's winter here! Enjoy the snow!

Kim said...

What fun....we may have to make some this week. Our poor birds and squirrels are only getting stale bread and left-over cookies! I think they may appreciate bird seed a lot better. :)

the linen closet said...

Jennie this is such a cute idea. I love that it serves two purposes. Might try this at co-op with this kids. Have a great New Year!