Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet Bailie

*This post is a day old due to the fact that you became ill the day before your birthday and your brother and I were sick the day of your birthday.  I'm so sorry your celebration didn't happen as we had planned.  Yesterday you had every right to be hurt and sad but instead you were deeply concerned for me and my health and kept encouraging me to rest.  It just reminded me of the sweet and selfless young lady you are and that I have the privilege of calling you daughter and friend.  I love you sweet girl*

Today we celebrate YOU!!!    You are such a lovely young lady and I am so proud to be your momma.  From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were something special.  God has knit you together in your own unique way and in honor of your 12th birthday, I would like to say 12 things about you that make you so wonderful.

1.}  You are an encourager.  From as early as I can remember you were speaking words of encouragement to me and others.  What a special gift God has given you!

2.}  You are purposeful about keeping your hands busy.   Whether we are reading or sitting and watching a movie together, you have knitting needles in hand knitting away.

By the way, Bailie is selling these scarves if anyone needs a Christmas gift.  They start at $10.00 and go up to $20.00 depending on the size you want.  :)

3.}  You love being apart of a big family.  Just the other day you were giggling and saying how wonderful it would be if I had another baby.

4.}  You enjoy the great outdoors.  Whether it's swimming, gardening, playing in the woods, helping daddy with whatever he is doing, or watching your younger siblings play, the outdoors is the place you prefer.

5.}  You are starting to enjoy hanging out with the adults and listening to their conversations.  You can learn so much from just listening.

6.}  Most everyone is surprised by your age.  They think you are several years older due to your actions and level of responsibility.  I guess that part comes with being the oldest.

7.}  Your dream is to become a wife and mommy.  You are already praying for your husband, whomever he may be, that he will love the Lord and serve Him always, lead your family and keep his eyes and mind pure.

8.}  You have started babysitting your siblings while mommy runs a quick errand into town.  You enjoy the new title and look forward to others calling upon you for babysitting services.

9.}  You are a giver.  Even when you were 3 I remember you trying to give Grandma Warner all of your quarters.  You enjoy blessing others.  Everytime someone would offer you a gift, you would politely ask if you could have something for your siblings as well.  You have recently made all of your friends at co-op something special which blessed you dearly.   

10.}  You always think of others first.  I am so grateful for the example you are to your younger siblings of selflessness. 

 11.}  You're very crafty.  Whether stamping cards, sewing on the sewing machine or using the cricket, you are always creating something beautiful and usually to give away to someone else.

12.}  At such a tender and young age you realize the value of guarding and protecting your mind and heart.  I pray that you will always trust daddy and I with your heart and share your struggles and desires with us.  We also pray that you will always give your heart to the Lord and that your life will bring Him glory.  We are so very proud of the young lady you are becoming. 

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."  Proverbs 4:23


Janelle said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet Miss Bailie!

kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Bailie!! We love you!! =)

Traci Smith said...

I read this to Valerie while sitting in the doctor's office and we both just smiled. You know the kind of smile that you have when you are thinking of someone that you cherish and adore? Yea, that kind of smile.

All of the Smiths cherish and adore you, Bailie!!

Love, Miss Traci