Friday, November 30, 2012

Need a Christmas Gift $20.00 and Under?

Bailie has been very busy this year knitting scarves.  They come in three sizes with three different prices.

My personal favorite size is the medium.  The small would fit a young girl perfectly.
 Please let us know if you would like one that you already see here or if you have another color combination you prefer.

Also, both our daughter's, Bailie and Lillie, knit these beautiful hats.  Again, three different sizes: infant - $7.00, small child's $12.00 and older child - $17.00.  Pictured below are two older child's and one infant.  Please tell us the color combination you would like and they would be happy to create a warm hat for you.

This pricing does not include shipping but we would be more than happy to ship it to you within the US for a small fee.  Thanks so much for taking the time to view their work.


Jaclyn said...

How great are these! My 5 yr old has shown an interest in wanting to learn how to knit/ did your girls learn?

Homestead Living said...

Their lovely Grandmother's taught them how to knit. WalMart has round knitting looms in 3 different sizes that you can buy for your daughter. They make it super easy to make a hat. We have also watched a lot of you-tube videos. Hope that helps.

Kim said...

Let Bailie know I would like to purchase the scarf that is in the second picture from the top, it is light tan, light and dark blues, with white, to my far left. If she has one in a medium.

Renee said...

Those scarves are super cute! It's neat to see how motivated Bailie is to make them - what a hard worker! Good job, Bailie! Good job, Jennie, for encouraging her!!