Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dearest Jack

Today we celebrate YOU!  We thank God for the way He knit you together and that he chose us to be blessed by your everyday presence.  Last night you could hardly go to sleep.  You were filled with such excitement and anticipation for today.  Your sisters have been working extra hard coming up with special treats and gifts to give you.    

In honor of your 6th birthday, I would like to share 6 things about you that make you so special.

1.}  God gave you a very sensitive and compassionate spirit.  The Lord is teaching mommy and daddy, through you, to respond in a more gentle tone.  I'm sure your siblings are grateful as well.  

You became more confident in your swimming this year.
2.}  You love to build whether it's with legos, link-n-logs, blocks or math manipulatives.

3.}  You highly enjoy drawing.  I find you at the table quite a bit during the day with your sheets of papers spread out and pencil in hand creating something wonderful.  You are very good for your age {as Grandma Warner always says.}

4.}  You enjoy having the title of "protector".  Maddie already knows how much you adore her and will always protect her.

5.}  You enjoy the letter B.  "Daddy, can we go to Benards to buy wood?  Look, there's a bachimney with smoke coming out of it.  Grandma brought us basagna to eat.  I have a bosquito bite."  Someday we will miss your b sounds.

6.}  I saved my favorite for last.  You hope to be a wise man when you grow up.  Just yesterday, after a ruff morning, you asked to say the prayer for lunch and you prayed that the Lord would help you be a wise boy and make wise decisions.  It blesses my heart dearly to hear you say those words.  More than anything in the world we pray that you will grow to be wise, not as the world views wisdom, but wise and noble in the Lord's eyes.  We pray that you will seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and live your life completely for Him.

Happy Birthday to my big 6 year old!!!  We love you to the moon and back!!!

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