Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Kind Of Rest

The draw bridge.

We are all enjoying our time of rest.   The weather here has been very breezy {thanks to hurricane Sandy} for the past few days, but it doesn't keep us northerners off of the beach and out of the ocean.  

Daddy made the children {and himself} some fun accessories for the making of sand castles.  

My animal lover children have been very busy making lots of new friends.  

Today the children set up shops and swapped shells.  

Since when did my girls grow tales???  They have informed us that they are little twin mice.  They sneak through the house and say something like, "Dad, scream and say, 'I think I just saw a mouse!'"   We absolutely love their little imaginations. 

1 comment:

Colista said...

Looks like a beautiful time! Love the tails! Hahaha! That is great.
Enjoy the rest of your time together.