Monday, September 3, 2012

Pictures and My Musings

When I went to pick up photography equipment from my very trusting friend, she made sure to tell me to capture lots pictures of my children.  So I figured I'd listen to her advice.  Here are the pictures that will soon be hanging on my wall.  I wish I had turned up my aperture...I have much to learn regarding these technical things.

At times I am in awe that all of these precious children are ours.  God is so gracious and I am so undeserving.  God has used these lovely creatures to help mold me into the woman I am today.  For that alone I am forever grateful!  

I often dream into the future.  Never is quiet apart of it.  I see LOTS of grandchildren running around and lots of smiles and dirty little hand prints on my windows that I can wash after they leave and they will actually stay clean until they return again.  

Jack and Sam both have already told us that when they get married they want to live with us and Daddy can help them build their own houses right next to ours.  I sure don't see a problem with that...hope their wives don't mind *smile*.

Oh Father,  when life gets busy and sometimes hard, keep reminding us of the vision you have given our family.  Remind us that life changes like the seasons.  These little ones that I get the blessed opportunity to tuck into bed at night, wash off their dirty hands, tickle their tummies, kiss their beautiful (and sometimes sticky) faces, walk with and disciple, will one day grow into adults who will be tucking their own into bed at night.  Help me to cherish today, to smile wide with them and laugh at their funny remarks and antics.  Lord give me the grace to live fully alive right here, right now! 

You forever learning daughter,


David Cary said...

Jennie, you have such a lovely family. I cannot say that enough. I have been so blessed to have met you all, and I think I can say that for all of my friends who have also met you.

Y'all are such a blessing.
Keep on following your inner spirit and the Spirit!

Give your children big hugs from "Grandpa David".
David Cary

bRiDgEt said...

oh, i miss my kids:/....i may be spending the weekends with you while mim and pap are in alaska:)

Kim said...

The pictures are so beutiful! You are becoming a great photographer. I wish I had your eye.
Your children are growing up into young ladies and little gentlemen. I love seeing your family and sharing in you days. Motherhood is such a blessing from God.
Praying for you.