Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Books

"Real life is the curriculum, schooling is just a miniscule part of it." Homeschool Sanity By: Sherry K. Hayes
 Below is a list of what we intend to cover this year.  We will be doing as much together as we possible can. 
  • Bible - Family Bible together / Memorization / Those who can read well will be reading one chapter a day our of their Bible.
  • HistoryStory of The World: Ancient Times (Classical Education Style) {A dear friend gave us all 4 volumes along with activity sheets, tests, student sheets and teachers guide…Thanks again Traci!!!} / History literature for this time period.
  • ScienceAnswers in Genesis Science: Our Weather &Water {another dear friend found 6 years or more, worth of AIG at a garage sale and is graciously sharing with our family...Thanks so much Lana!!! I choose weather first due to all the questions I received last year about clouds and lightning ect.} / Daily nature walk & journaling.
  • Music – Hymnal memorization and study / During our journaling, note-booking and art time, we listen to different classical composers. We have been given some CD’s along with a brief history of the composers…Thanks Deb!!! Often time, we will use Pandora.
As you can see, we have been very blessed with curricula given or being shared with our family. This has been a huge help in taking the guess work out of which curriculum to use. 
Fall 2011 002
Bailie (11yrs/6th grade)
  • Reading/Vocabulary/Spelling/GrammarMcGuffey Reader’s {these are the original reader’s from 1830 that have been re-printed by Mott Media} / reading good literature that momma has compiled
  • LanguageLanguage Lessons from Queen Homeschooling supply {Charlotte Mason style}.
  • WritingThematic Copy-work Lessons from Queen Homeschooling supply / Journaling /Note-booking {This extra copy-work book is not necessary do the other writing and copy-work that is included in her language lessons, however, Bailie really enjoys copy-work and so I added this in for her enjoyment.}
  • MathematicsMath-u-see {We were given the manipulative set as well as several DVD’s & teacher’s guides and later I found more DVD’s with T.G. at a garage sale leaving only the workbooks to purchase}/ Flash cards and games.
  • Homeschooling Co-op – Dance, Up-cycling and sewing classes.
  • First Aid and Babysitting Training – She is turning 12 this fall and would like to start babysitting soon. :)
Spring2012 027Spring2012 008
Rylie (8yrs /3rd grade)
  • Reading/Vocabulary/Spelling/GrammarMcGuffey Reader’s / reading good literature that momma has compiled
  • Homeschooling Co-op -  Sewing, cooking and show & tell classes {S&T will include manners, how to answer the phone, ect.}
Fall 2011 024
Lille (7yrs/2nd grade)
  • Reading/Vocabulary/Spelling/GrammarMcGuffey Reader’s / reading good literature that momma has compiled
  • Homeschooling Co-op - Lego, gym and cooking classes.
summer2012 013Food 014
Jack (5yrs/K)
  • Reading - McGuffey Reader's.   After reading The Successful Homeschool Handbook and the years of research that they compiled, we will not be forcing our younger ones too early to 'do school'.  However, Jack has been begging me to teach him how to read so that he can read his Bible.  My intent is to take time to sit with him for brief time periods and view our 'school' work as a game but making sure that he has plenty of time to rest his eyes and release his boyish energy.  I wish I had known this research when we first started educating at home.
  • Writing - Simple instructions given by momma.  Again, not too much and stopping before there is frustration.
  • Homeschooling Co-op - Lego, gym and cooking class. 
summer fun 2011 095Food 004
Sam (3yrs) & Maddie (2yrs)
  • Songs with hand motions, games, puzzles, poems and patterns taught by momma and/or older siblings.  Here are some other ideas on how I intend to keep their little hands and minds busy.
What are some of your favorite resources that you will be using this year?

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Dana Adams said...

We are using Balancing the Sword, Poslished cornerstones,Saxon math, A&O lifepacs this year for language, McGuffy readers, Abeka for the littles, History books by John Dwyer and Gary Demar...our oldest schooler is doing a lot on Kahn as well. Praying you have a blessed year! Stay in touch!