Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day Pictures

Of course we didn't realize that Bailie's fingers had slightly covered the 6 in 6th grade until after I had all the pictures loaded on the computer. *sigh*  Can she really be in 6th grade?  My kindergartener was so eager to learn today.  He kept wanting to do more and more and more.  It was a joy to watch him be so excited to learn.  After using the Math manipulatives for her multiplication, Rylie constructed a house.  The other small children kept busy with tractors and the Math Mat.  This is how my children learned number recognition.  I'm loving the copywork books for the girls.  I included a sample of Rylie's above.

For lunch we shared an Indonesian meal with our missionary friends who are staying at the camp for 1 year.  It was a delight and fun to learn more about their culture differences.  For instance, they use their fingers to eat with instead of utensils and they use banana leaves instead of plates.  The rice was made with coconut milk and turmeric.  Thanks for sharing with us Chris, Angie and Lydia.

We are glad to get back into a routine but it will still take a while to learn how to juggle everything again.  I am thankful for the wisdom the Lord pours out at just the right moments and for His never ending grace.  I pray that I can learn of Him and be quicker to share this grace with my dear ones.

"The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning." Proverbs 16:21