Friday, August 17, 2012

Fair Entries and Awards

This year was the first year our children entered something in our County Fair.  They were super excited and very pleased with the results.  What an excellent way to build their confidence!
Bailie won 1st place on her knitted hat and 3rd place on her purse/bag.  They each received a ribbon of participation.
fair 003-2fair 005
fair 004
Rylie won 1st place & Best of Show on her Chocolate Peanut butter Surprise brownies.  She snuck a recess cup in the middle like Cherri had taught her to do.  There was an awards ceremony for all of participant's who won Best of Show.  She also won 3rd place on the coloring contest. 
summer2012 004fair 001
summer2012 007fair 002
Lillie won 2nd place on her knitted baby hat.
fair 007fair 008
Each 1st place winner received $3.00 and 2nd place winners received $2.00.  This was a wonderful surprise to my children!!!  They are already thinking up what they will put in next year. 
***PS ~ I’m playing around with my picture editing program.  Any comments on the editing; which one you prefer or too much contrast or brightness, ect, is welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks my friends!!!***

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the linen closet said...

We are so proud of your kids. The fair is a great way to try new things and each of your girls did a great job. :-) As for the photo editing, I like the modern high contrast on the girls with the slight tint. It brings out the dark colors and their eyes.