Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful For...

The freshness that summer brings.

Church of Christ for giving our children a much desired ride on a school church bus.

The Angle Greats...still missing 12 of them.

Our swimming pool that was graciously given to us a few summers ago and the awesome people who come and share it with us making it even more special.

My big boy Jack is now swimming by himself.  He is our cautious child and likes to stay close to the ladder and sides.  Thanks Bridget for the impromptu lessons.

Safety from the storm.  Even though we had some damage, we have a dear friend who is employed  at a car dealership and he was immediately on the phone working out the details on getting our vehicle fixed.  Thank you Keith for all you did for us!  You are so special to our family!

Rest for my hard working husband.

Modest swimsuits for my little girls...thanks to Land's End and their 40%off + free shipping.

A day spent with my favorite friend and her boys.  She made the yummiest whole wheat-banana donuts for Sam, but don't worry, he shared with the rest of us.  :)

5 Super Soakers we found at a garage sale that gave us a fun way to cool down after an evening of weeding.  For some reason we are really good at growing those.

Jack working alongside his daddy and finding some of our first zucchini of the season.  

40 lbs of blueberries now in our freezer.

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Kim said...

What a great post! We do have so much to be thankful for, and so many times we miss it in our business. You and your family are blessed.