Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th Celebration

 "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..."Psalm 33:12

It was very dark and my camera's flash kept blinking.  The poor children had a hard time knowing what to do with their eyes. 

We started out the 4th of July by watching our small town's parade and then spent the rest of the afternoon with Jeff's family.  Ralph/Dad bought a new grill and he made delicious barbeque chicken for the family.  While together we went ahead and celebrated Rebecca's 5th birthday.  We had a very restful day spent splashing in the pool and absorbing lots of Vitamin D.  Thanks Mike and Stacy for your wonderful hospitality!

Later we met up with some dear friends and let the kids have fun with sparklers while we waited for the fireworks to start.

July 4th also marks our 15 year anniversary of the first time Jeff and I met.  I feel so thankful that God brought us together and can't imagine my life without this amazing man.  Thank you to our mothers, for playing a huge part in our introduction.  :)

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