Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How much of the world will we, the temple of the Holy Spirit, allow to infiltrate into our homes, our churches, our very beings?

Will our conscious allow us to tolerate living a mediocre life for Christ?
Will our doings be based on traditions or will we align every decision based on the very word of God and his standard and become dependent on the Holy Spirit for guidance?

Will we allow ourselves to be swept away by the vigorous current of the world or will we have the faith it takes to be like Salmon who swims against the stream to bring forth new life?

Will we allow ourselves to be entertained by the very sins that Christ died on the cross to redeem us from?  Entertained???

How long will we as a nation and a people belonging to God stay as adulteresses, who have friendship with the world and hatred toward God? {James 4:4}  For we are told so clearly that If we love the world, the love of the father is not in us.  {1John 2:15}  We are warned by Jesus himself that "He who is not with me is against me."  {Matthew 12:30/Luke 11:23}  We are directed not to conform any longer to the pattern of the world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. {Romans 12:2}

Will we tolerate and ultimately except the fruitless deeds of darkness or will we be bold enough to expose them and be willing to point to truth?  {Ephesians 5:11}

 These are questions we have asked ourselves over our last 5 year journey.  I pray that our journey will continue until we are joined with our Heavenly Father.  I pray that we NEVER stop asking these questions and always have a teachable spirit. 

Even though we have been misunderstood, accused of being judgmental, and labeled radicals, we can't go back to the cultural Christian we once were.  We have tasted and seen God's goodness and felt his guiding hand.  How then could we turn and walk backwards?  How could we possibly say 'No' to the author and giver of our lives and the direction He is calling us to walk?  

Would we allow fear of man to alter our decisions?  I personally am very weak in this area, I praise God for my husbands boldness.  Will we be willing to stand if no one else stands with us?  God's word tells us that we should make every effort to obtain praise that comes from the only God, and not from man.  {John 5:44} 

May we never forget that this life here on earth is only our temporary dwelling place, and that our citizenship belongs in Heaven!  {Philippians 3:20}



Renee said...

Great reminders and questions to ask ourselves, Jennie! Thanks for the encouragement! Love you!

Mrs. B said...

Such truths you have reminded me of! The path is straight and narrow yet so many think it's wide and open. Thank you for your encouragement!