Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Angle Reunion

Every two years my mother's side of the family gets together for a weekend long reunion.  Here is a video of all the pictures I happened to capture of our weekend.  Hope you enjoy.



befree said...

Thanks for sharing! -so fun to see the big family gathering-truly one of God's gifts. Another one of your cousins Gerald Miller came up to me recently in an airport(I'm GB so very visible) and introduced himself. I have enjoyed your blog and btw, we are friends with Uncle Jeffs.
Brenda Filbrun

Mrs. B said...

Angle was my Grandma's maiden name....we could be somehow related :)

Blessings to you!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting the great pictures!

It was fun to see people I know and love :) Maybe we'll get there next time!

Sarah Angle Anguilm