Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Olivia

I am so excited to finally introduce you to Miss Olivia.  Olivia and Andrew, her twin brother, were born 16 weeks early.  These two precious little ones had been through so much.  In early December, Andrew couldn't fight any longer and went home to be with His creator. 

Through tears, Dawn shared with me some of the lives that were touched by Andrew's short life.  Knowing that his life had made an impact on others has been a huge blessing for his parents.  Even though I never had the privilege of personally meeting Andrew, my life has been changed by his presence.

Little Olivia has been home for several weeks now.  She is doing really well.  They are hopeful the Doctors will take her off of oxygen soon.   I was so surprised at how alert she was.  She moved her head back and forth listening for her sweet momma's voice.  At one point, her daddy happened to walk in the room and said something and she turned and smiled as big as she could.  

Here are some shots I captured of Miss Olivia with her beautiful mother, whom I am honored to call my dear friend.

Thank you for sharing these precious moments with me.  I am aching for more. :)

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