Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flowers...Flowers and More Flowers!!!

The camp was blessed again this year, by a gracious donation of flowers from Hydro-Growers.

Jeff picked up 3 trailer loads FULL of gorgeous flowers.  For two days the camp has been hopping with volunteers helping to make this camp a lovely place.

Mom and Bridget were scurrying around the camp placing flowers to be planted and trying to keep one step ahead of the planters.  I was glad I was able to get mom to stop long enough for me to document that she was here!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap pictures of all the help and Bridget was one of them.  This girl is a worker!!!  Below are the pictures of some other hard workers busy planting and potting.

One of the big jobs now is keeping them all alive.  The girls and I will be busy watering.
Below are some of the finished products.

The newly remodeled bath house has been freshly painted.  Jeff is waiting for the wood to dry out on the partition before he paints it the cream color.  He plans to build a flower box to put on the partition.

And here is how to keep a busy Sam occupied.

Thank you again Hydro-Growers and all of the helpers:  Mom, Janice, Bridget, Judy, Paula, Hunter, Vicki, Chastity, Angie, Lydia, Dana, Elizabeth, Matthew, Kathy, Bailie, Rylie, Lillie and Jack.  Thank you Janice for organizing the help.


Kim said...


The flowers are so beautiful! Thank you Hydro-Growers and to all the volunteers for the many hours of planting and for your family watering the plants each day. We will enjoy all the flowers during camp. :)


Keisha Suzanne said...

CAMP looks DREAMY and like a Great Get-Away. The new bathrooms/updated are groovy as well! What a talented, hard working family you have on your hands.
ENJOY the Rainbow of COLOR! :)