Monday, June 4, 2012

Cyle's Graduation Party

Yesterday was Cyle's Graduation party.  She is our niece on Jeff's side of the family.  It's so hard to believe how fast time goes.  It seems only yesterday the big girls were little ones squealing with excitement, making forts with blankets, roller skating on the sidewalks, begging for me to braid their hair {now Jessica does my hair :)}, doing cartwheels in the back yard, playing grocery store, doing karaoke for the camcorder {I especially loved the song that Grace sang "My daddy loves coffee"}, keeping us all entertained with their stories or poems they were memorizing.  Those little girls are now growing into beautiful young ladies! 

 It's not often that we have all 14 of the grandchildren together, so when we do, we try to get them together for a picture.  Although I snapped at least 10 of them, only one of them really made the cut.

 The neighbor's dogs came over for some play time.  The children LOVED that!!!

Then there was the turkey.  Not just any turkey, this is the neighbors pet turkey.  He was much fun to watch as he socialized with everyone.  Although some of the older girls weren't so crazy about him. :)

Then the neighbor brought over their soft shelled turtle for the children to look at.

Sisters.  Aunt Jean and Janie, Jeff's mother.

Rylie gave Cyle silly string for her graduation present. :)

Jessica had some bonding time with Miss Maddie.  Here they are jumping on the trampoline.

Time spent with the family is never long enough, but we were very thankful for the time we had with them yesterday and for the delicious Greek cake!!!  

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