Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Country Living

Before we moved out in the country, we had no idea what play cloths were.  The only place to get dirty was the sandbox.  Now, we know exactly what they are!  Dirt is everywhere here and for some reason it makes it's way indoors and gets quite comfortable.  Mopping used to not be my thing.  I would hold out as long as possible.  Now I have learnt to enjoy it for it happens quite often.  OK, I enjoy the outcome more than the doing.  Although, Nancy Leigh DeMoss can be good company while doing the task.

Our children, like most, love to be outdoors.  For some reason they don't love to wear shoes.  

Bailie helping her daddy build a barn for the goats.

Keeping little boys busy.

We LOVE dirt!!!

Look at that dirty face.

How can I resist?

That has to hurt!

Rylie too loves being outdoors, but her passion is in the kitchen.  She dreams of opening a cafe one day and selling her own creative recipes along with coffee of course.  She hopes her daddy will construct it in the back yard so everyone can watch the goats and pigs while they sip their coffee and eat their delightful eatable creation.  What beautiful imaginations God has given His children!  And who knows, maybe you will come and fill your tummy with her tasty treats one day.  :)


Shawn said...


On your photo "Look at that dirty face", I believe that's makeup you have on, not dirt.


Kim said...

I agree!

The boys are clean every morning and by noon they don't even look like they've showered.

I love the bare dirty feet. If my boys would just take off their socks I would be such a happy momma!

Dirty smooches are the best!

See you soon.

Traci said...

Oh, Jennie, these are such great shots!! I love this. Must visit soon. Thank you for the invite yesterday and I'm sorry that we couldn't make it - Dad was in town and we had family commitments. Love you!

Havilah Angle said...

These pictures are delightful! And I have to say...Jenni, you are just gorgeous. Happy Country Living! And do I ever understand about "play clothes".

Kasey @ TFOMplus2 said...

Those are some great pictures! That is pretty much how my kiddos look all the time, too! :)