Saturday, April 28, 2012

Newest Members on The Homestead

A wonderful family, that we have met through camp, approached us last year about the possibility of graciously giving us some milking goats.  The Heindel's have raised and home schooled five phenomenal boys.  Milking goats have been apart of their lives for a long time.  It has given their boys more opportunity to learn responsibility as well as self discipline.  They wanted to give us the same opportunity.  After much discussion and prayer, we now have 2 lovely pregnant goats.  Not only did they give us the goats, they had them breed for us in the fall.  We are very grateful and very much enjoying these delightful creatures.  We had heard horror stories of goats and their stubborn behavior.  So far these have been very easy and friendly creatures.

We let the children name them only after they had time to observe their behavior.  Captain takes more of the lead and Rosie just follows her around.

Thistle is one of their favorite treats.  As we are cleaning out the flower beds at the camp, we bring them home some of our findings.  As you can see, they are gently enough that we feel safe with Maddie being in with them.

The Sunday after Easter we found five little treasures under the boys bunk-bed.  Our black cat, Black Beauty, had given birth.  The father, whom the children named Jeep, was also solid black therefor most of the kittens are black and dark gray.  Only one has a little color and they are calling him/her Tiger.  The children were so eager to pet and hold them.  Finally after a week of waiting, they got their wish.  
Introducing Tiger

We will keep you posted on the names of the others after we have time to observe their behavior. 

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Traci said...

I love living in a way that the children are able to understand, watch, and appreciate birth and babies. Your newest additions are adorable. Enjoy!