Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeff

In honor of my husband turning 37 today, I want to post some characteristics about him that makes him who he is.

~ He is a dreamer, and I still LOVE to listen to his wild dreams.  {Even though I know not all of them will come to pass} :)

~ He's definitely a homebody.  If there is one place he wants to be it is at home spending quality time with his family.  Preferably snuggled up with me in our overstuffed chair or outside under a tree.  {Of course the children are crawling on and off at some time or another}

~ He is a very hard worker but finds more satisfaction when we can all work together.  Another reason why this job is so good for our family.

~ He loves God's word.  It is nothing for him to dig into the Bible 2-4 hours a day.  He loves discovering new truths and then sharing them with others.

~ Being the youngest in his family, he is learning to overlook the messes and the LOUD noises that come with having a large family.  :)

~ He loves this new roll as 'farmer'; driving a tractor, planting an acre or so of corn for animal feed, re-constructing an old barn for the animals we're raising, and having his mini-farmers right next to him.

These are a few reasons why I am so crazy in love with this man.  I'm so grateful to walk hand and hand with him through this life here on earth. 

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!


kelly said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!! =)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!

You are a blessed man to have a wife and children who adore you.

Hope you had a great birthday!


Janelle said...

Happy Birthday to Jeff!
I love to see cherish your husband and that you are still madly in love with him!