Sunday, April 15, 2012

From The Camp

There is always something to keep my husband busy during the winter months, but this year he was mainly focused on remodeling the South bath house.  This is the one that is closest to the Falls.  Unfortunately we didn't take any before pictures.  I did find this snap shot from Lumber Jack retreat this past fall.

Here is the finished women's restroom.

And the Men's restroom...

~You may recognize the benches in the shower area.  They were the benches we used to sit on in the cafeteria.  

~The stainless steel partitions came from a school auction.  With the help from my Father-in-law, Jeff was able to adjust them to fit our area.  

~Yes, we now have smaller sinks for smaller arms and legs.   

~Jeff used an epoxy paint on the floor.  This should be easier to keep clean.  

~One thing that you can't see is now these bathrooms are heated.  Keith Arts and Steve Smith volunteered their time and installed a furnace.  This will allow our camp to move closer to a three season camp.

Some have asked why the South bathhouse and not the North?  For one it is the closest to our buildings that are used all year round.  Second is that we hope to tear down the North bathhouse and rebuild a new one sometime in the near future. 


Anita Beyer said...

Wow - looks great! I'm most excited about the new faucets - not ones that you need 3 hands to use anymore!!! Keep up the good work!

kelly said...

Jenn, are you SERIOUS??? oh my goodness these are beautiful!!! WOW!! can't even compare to before!!! Great job, jeff!!! =)

kelly said...

ps...i think i have some before pics from camp last year(scavenger hunt) i'll try and send them to ya!! =)

Janelle said...

Looks great!

Kim said...

They look great! and I will not miss the curtains! :) Your hubby is so talented. Please let Jeff and the other men know how much they are appreciated.

By the way..... I live at 2599 if he has any free-time! Ha! Ha!


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I am new to your blog and went back and saw the post about what you caught with your camera. It was great to see that we are not the only one with a normal life of messes with lots of kids. I get tired sometimes of seeing perfect looking homes on blogs and wonder just how they keep their home and kids so clean. THis was true life and I appreciate it!!!