Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Warm Weather Comes To Visit

You need to take full advantage of it!!!

You swing like a monkey from tree to tree...

You take walks in the woods.

You think it's 90 degrees and beg to go swimming, but mom lets you play with the hose instead.

You pretend your taxi drivers.

You till up the garden and get it ready for early spring planting.

You stand at the edge and wonder if you should get your piggies dirty or just watch with glee.

You plant potatoes, peas, onions, spinach and turnips.

Your cousins walk over from grandma's house and help you with the planting.

You pretend to drive the tractor and have a jolly old time.

You chase the kitty around.

You get our the chain saw and clear the woods for a new fence because your getting a pregnant goat soon.

You help daddy as much as you can and start to feel like a man.

You trim suckers and tall grasses and haul them to the burn pile.

You come inside from long days of hard work and feel so thankful for all the Lord has provided and the extra hands that delight in working together.

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