Monday, March 12, 2012

Jam...Jam...and More Jam

Saturday was lovely day spent mostly in the kitchen with my dear mother.  The children were eager to least with the first 2 quarts.  Jack and Lillie started out cutting off the steams of the strawberries (using our dull knives) and rinsing them.  Then all four older children took turns smashing them with the potato masher until Grandma Nana (Rapp) showed up with her handy dandy mini hand held electric chopper.   This sped the process up tremendously!  

About that time some cousins showed up for a visit and the children spent the rest of the afternoon out doors playing and had a wonderful time.

Sam was fascinated with his cousin Bryce's 4-wheeler!!!

Uncle Mike was brave enough to give Sam some lessons on how to drive.

Rebecca giving Maddie a ride.

Indoors, mother and I were busing ourselves with more jam.  Strawberries were 5 for $5.00 this past week and I had 2 gallon size freezer bags filled with blackberries we had picked on our property last year.  We are hoping that the strawberry plants that we planted last year will give us jam next year.  Mom brought over red raspberries and cherries from her freezer, which gave us a variety of fruit jam.  We used All Natural Dutch Jell to make our jam.  If you are from around here, The Flour Barrel carries this product.  It is much cheaper than buying Clear Jell.

I ended up with 39 pints of jam.  Mother left with bandaged fingers thanks to her handy dandy mini hand held electric food chopper and approximately 45 jelly jars of jam.  Thanks mom for spending the day with me.  It was fun working along side of you again.

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Kim said...

Homemade jam is the best. Larry likes big chunks of fruit in his, so I don't mash too much. :) My favorite is cherry.

It sounds like you and your mother had a wonderful day together. I enjoy it when my mom nd I can spend a day together now and then.

I hope we have strawberries on sale up here soon.