Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Homestead Living Tuned One

It has been a year now since we started this blog.  I have discovered that I really enjoy blogging.   Hopefully we haven't brought boredom upon any of you.  I have found this to be a wonderful place to compose my feelings and convictions as well as share a piece of our life with you through our pictures.

In honor of our 1st birthday, I decided to do something different.  I interviewed the children using questions about the camp we serve at and the homestead we are fortunate to live on.  Here is what I received:

What is your favorite way to serve others here at camp?

     "Cooking in the cafeteria" -Bailie {11}
     "Helping out in the cafeteria" - Rylie {8}
     "Helping out in the cafeteria" - Lillie {6, almost 7}
     "Working with daddy" - Jack {5}
     "Ya!!!  Wokin with dad" - Sam {3}

*Side note* I was really disappointed that none of them said working with mom cleaning the bathhouses!!!

What would you miss the most if we didn't live here?

     "Our animals, working and living at the church camp, mowing and our swimming pool" -Bailie
     "Driving the golf cart, working in the chicken coop, and helping in the cafeteria" - Rylie
     "Living next to Grandma Nana and close to Grandma Warner, and miss seeing deer" - Lillie
     "Sam" {I think he thought since Sam was born here that he had to stay here???} "Pigs, goats,
       the rooster {whom he is very afraid of}" - Jack

See how helpful he was. :)


What is your favorite animal that we have raised?  {They must have misunderstood the question, because we have only raised pigs, chickens and two cats so far}

     "Horse, goats, pigs, chickens, the nice rooster and the cat"  -Bailie
     "Pigs" - Rylie
     "All of them" - Lillie
     "Horse" - Jack
     "Kitty cat" Sam

What is your favorite food that we grow on this homestead?

     "Blackberries, kohlrabi, watermelon and sweetcorn" - Bailie
     "Sweet corn and strawberries" - Rylie
     "Sugar snap peas, kohlrabi and it's fun to pick the blackberries" - Lillie
     "Sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas" - Jack

 We are having a wonderful time making precious memories.  Thanks for following along on our adventure. 


Anita Beyer said...

Fun, fun and brings back so many sweet memories of our family as we had opportunity to raise our children for a season in that same location - though we never figured out how to do camp and garden too! Blessings!

Janelle said...

I've enjoyed the journey as well. I love keeping with you and your family.

Kim said...

Our family has enjoyed reading your blog so much this year. The boys like to pull up your page and see what's new.
To see the children playing, swimming, the joy of raising animals, and helping you and Jeff with the homestead is such a blessing.
Thanks for letting our family share in your life.


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kelly said...

i LOVE your blog as well!! kinda makes us feel part of your adventures!! Love you all!! =)