Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scraps of Material + Sewing Books From Library = Hours of Fun

The children have been having so much fun lately sewing items for family members and friends.  I snatched up a kids Sewing Book at the library that gives the children all kinds of ideas to make along with patterns and instructions.  There is still a need for mommy to be very close by to help thread needles, give further instructions and help supervise the use of the sewing machine.  It has been fun watching them come up with their own unique creations as well.

These eye masks are some of Bailie's creations.  She even added lavender to some of them.

The big B pillow was made by Rylie for my mother's birthday last week.  Jack made her the small button pillow.
Bailie made this burp cloth for one of her friend's mother, who is getting ready to have baby #6.  She also made this pin cushion and needle book.

These were some of Rylie's creations.  An apron and 2 pillows.  All gifts for special people.

Here is a close up of a pillow pet that they all four made.  Lillie couldn't find hers at the time we took the next picture, but she is holding the pillow that she made for someone special in her life.
We got this idea from our friends the Eversman's.  Kim  is very frugal with her crafting and she comes up with some great ideas.  I had been saving old pants that had wholes in them and we decided to try and tackle this too.  We are still in the process of completing it, this one may take a while. :)


Kim said...

Great job everyone!! I think all of your sewing creations are beautiful. I really adore those pillow pets. :)

I like to sew for myself and for others. There is nothing quite like receiving a homemade gift. They are so special.

The rug looks great. I like the tan and denim. Making a rug is time consuming, but they wash up very well and will outlast any rug in the store.....so persevere!!!

I may have to get that book from the library. Thanks for the inspiration.

In Christ,

Trisha said...

What a helpful post. My oldest daughter is learning to sew, and this book looks great for her to use. Thank you for sharing the beautiful work of your daughters!