Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celebrating LOVE

This is an easy kids craft.  Even my cowboy had fun doing this one.

This one was a more of a mom project and a little more time involved. 

Simple yet sweet decorations.

Next year I think I will use red marbles or rocks seeing that my flowers keep loosing their support.  I guess it's just too tempting for little and big hands.

Here is the final tissue paper project.

The big girls wanted to bake a cake and decorate them all by themselves.  

There's cowboy again.  He cracks me up with that smirk of his. 

Just in case you can't read this: Love Warner Rylie  is what it says.

Most of my inspiration came from here.  On this link you will find lots of love crafts along with tutorials!  Hope you have fun celebrating LOVE with the ones you love.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I always enjoyed using tissue paper squares and wrapping them around the end of a pencil at school when I was little.....oh so long ago!

Your crafts are so pretty, and the cakes look so yummy! You girls are so talented. I'm go glad each of you enjoy cooking and working with your hands.

Jennie, I know you enjoy this as much as the children. You love your children and it shows in the TIME you give them.