Friday, January 27, 2012

There's Nothing Better Than Homemade Goodness

Bailie received some tools and yarn for Christmas this year from her grandmothers.  She has been ever so busy creating special gifts for those she loves.

This was her first hat that she knitted using a loom.

And this was the reaction she got from the receiver of the hat.

This one was made for a very tiny little friend named Olivia.  She was born 16 weeks early and weighed 1lb 12oz.  Her twin brother Andrew is now hand in hand with Jesus, but Olivia is still growing and fighting hard.

This gives a better picture of just how tiny it is.

This was my Christmas gift from her.  My cousin Heidi crocheted the flowers for her.  Now Bailie is eager to have Heidi teach her how to crochet.

This hat is for one of her friends from our Home school co-op.

This purse is for a little friend who's birthday is tomorrow and just moved to the area.  I was so proud of her on this one.  She stumbled on a picture of a knitted purse, and came up with this all on her own. 

I was reminded a few weeks back from a friend at church, how important it is to encourage busy hands.  By doing this we are teaching them; to make wise use of their time {Prov. 30:25}, to learn arts that will help them build their own homes one day {Prov. 14:1}, leaving less time for idleness {2 Thessalonians 3:11}, and their dear hearts are so blessed by being able to give someone an object of their love {Acts 20:35}.

Bailie has been teaching her siblings how to knit as well.  Come 8:00 on most evenings, you can find us in the living room, with a warm flickering fire, daddy reading a book and our 3-4 older ones listening while they knit.  It brings a smile to this momma's face.


Kim said...

Great job Bailie!

Isn't it so nice to be able to work with your hands and to make lovely gifts for people?

I'm working on crocheted ragrugs. Here is a tutorial you may enjoy.

I envy you with all those girls...getting them to share in the joy of working with their hands and preparing them for homemaking.

Miss you guys,

The Adams Family said...

Sweet! Our daughters have triangle looms that they have just begun working on. Soo neat! Blessings!

Jessica said...

This is sooo cute! I would like to put my order in for a hat...I can pay Miss Bailie with hugs and kisses!

kelly said...

i love them all!! great job bailie!! how special those gifts will be!! =)

Traci said...

Wonderful job, Beautiful Bailie!!! You are one blessed Momma' Jennie. Miss you so much!