Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Attitude Towards The Ones We Serve

I've been very encouraged and even convicted this week, by several authors concerning my attitude towards interruptions and being joyful in serving those whom God has given me to serve.  I pray these words will minister to your heart as well fellow mother and friend.  May we be as iron sharpening iron and encouraging each other in the ways of the Lord.

"Our older ones are watching just how we respond to the disruptions: the crying baby, the tantrum of a toddler or the needs of the preschooler. Choosing to respond in kindness and gentleness is much more valuable than learning how to spell gentleness and kindness or even a Bible lesson on kindness and gentleness. They are learning so much from our actions, our facial expressions and tones. We can preach all day that children are a blessing, but if our actions show otherwise, we are hypocrites." 
"We should strive to treat our little ones with the same amount of patience and grace that we want the Lord to give to us. I don't know about you, but I am am dependent on the Lord's patience and long-suffering with my wicked, sinful self. I want to extend this same patience and love to my little ones, even if they are pushing me closer and closer to a Calgon moment."

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"It's all in our attitude toward the things that need to be done and the people we are serving.  If we view our husbands, families, and guests as so many leeches crying, "Give, give!" then we are not going to develop a godly joy as we serve them.  If we resent the fact that our husbands sit down to read with the children while we are preparing supper, we are being harpies, just like Martha.  Choose the better part.  Be Mary in the kitchen.  Sing praises while you sweep up those never-ending crumb.  Whistle hymns while you wipe down the bathroom.  Meditate upon Scripture while you are folding that third pile of laundry."

"Be Mary!  When the laundry piles rise up in rebellion, the children don't do their chores right, or the kitchen sink never seems to quite empty itself, rejoice!  Choose the better part, crank up the praise, and lay down your life."   Jennie Chancy

We do have a choice to make; we can either be self focused and view all our work as drudgery or we can be Christ focused and embrace all our work as service unto our King. 


The Adams Family said...

Amen:)! May we all grow in grace!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Def. needed this today.

Renee said...

Thanks, Jennie! As I'm gearing up for this 2014 school year, I've been greatly encouraged by some of your older posts here. I've been especially challenged to be careful in how I respond to my children when we get off our schedule/watch my attitude when there are interruptions and to realize that more is usually caught (by watching me and my husband) than taught. Knowing that they are watching motivates me even more to consistently be in God's Word, be praying, and be thankful. Thanks for encouraging me, my sweet friend!