Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rest and Solitude

Jeff took us away for a few days for some much needed rest and solitude.  It was time spent in the word, reflection and discussion which all led to rejuvenation.

We stayed at Sojourner's Lodge & Log Cabin Suites .  It is beautifully nestled in the country with rolling hills all around.  It was a very clean and quiet place.  Just what we needed!  :)

 This was taken in the parking lot when we arrived.

 This was taken in the morning.

Without little hands, we were able to hunt for treasure.

Thank you so much grandparents for giving of your time to watch our little ones.  I know they too enjoyed their time spent with you.  We cherish your devotion and love for your grandchildren!


kelly said...

looks beautiful!! i bet it was just what you needed, all us parents do!! great pic of you and jeff also!! love ya!!

Janelle said...

It's so important to have those moments together without your children. Glad you had some time with each other! And it's such a good example for your children too, to let them know how important your relationship with each other.

Kim said...

What a wonderful present!! I hope you both had a restful and peaceful getaway. We all need times away to reflect and dig into the Word, and for those times I rejoice.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!