Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eight Years of Life to the FULL

Rylie,  Eight years ago Sunday, God graciously gave us a new gift in the form of you, Rylie Leanne.  Oh how we longed for you.  We tried hard and thought that maybe we weren't going to have anymore children.  But then God blessed us with your presence and our lives will never be the same!

Everything you do you do it with all that is within you.  You love unconditionally, you play wildly, you dream freely, you serve whole heartedly.  You love everyone and most everyone loves you!

You most generally are the first one awake and the first one to accidentally fall asleep.  You don't want to miss out on anything but have spent all your energy by 8:30.  :)

Daddy and I have so much fun just watching and listening to you as you pretend play and tell everyone what lines they are to say (your imagination is unending).  You are such a good example of someone who lives life to the FULL.  We feel so fortunate to have you in our lives and anticipate God using you in a mighty way. 

We love you so much Rylie!!!  Thank you for all the excitement that you bring to this family.  Happy 8th birthday my big girl!


Janelle said...

Happy Birthday to Rylie!

kelly said...

happy birthday, rylie-roo(ok i guess now that you're a big 8 year old we'll have to drop the roo)!! love you!! =)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It was fun watching Rylie grow up!!!

What a beautiful little girl she is. Happy birthday!!!!