Monday, November 7, 2011

A Trip To The Zoo

This is only a few weeks late.  Better late than never.  :)  We wanted to take full advantage of the warm fall weather, so we packed into our vehicle and headed to Columbus. 

Here were some sweet shots I happened to capture on the way down.  Daddy and I were thankful that Maddie slept in the car.  She tends to have a very loud squeal that isn't so pleasant when she sits right behind you.  :)

This picture shows just how long it has been since we visited the Columbus Zoo.  Here is Bailie (3), holding Rylie (6mths).

Now, here is Lillie (6), holding Maddie (1yr).  My how time flies! 

It's hard to see, but there is a baby sleeping with her mother.  Too precious!

There was a boat tour.  Maddie wasn't aloud to go because she didn't have shoes on.  She doesn't keep them on her feet and I was afraid we'd loose them, so we sat on a bench and watched.

As you can see, the children LOVED these animal statues!!!  Every-time we would pass by one, they thought it was a great time for a photo shot.

Bailie was such a big helper!  She wanted to take care of Maddie by pushing her around, or holding her and showing her the animals.  It was so sweet.  I happened to capture this precious moment.  Maddie was laughing and having a grand ole time playing peek-a-boo with sissy's hair.

The polar bear exhibit was probably everybody's favorite and final stop.  There was a large glass dome that all of us could stand under and watch the two sisters as they played with one another.  It was very fascinating to all of us.

We were also blessed with smiles and more naps on the way home. :)  We were so thankful for a beautiful autumn day spent with the ones we absolutely adore!


The Adams Family said...

Wonderful pics of precious moments! I love the looks of wonder on their faces! Sweet!

kelly said...

wow jenn...i hear so often that kynzie resembles bailie and that pic of bailie holding rylie really shows it!! looks like a great day!! =)

Kim said...


You look good with crossed-eyes!! :)