Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Jackson Paul

Daddy and I cried when we saw you on the ultrasound screen.  We were so overjoyed that God was allowing us to experience the joys of raising a son along with our three girls.

We brought you home on Bailie's 6th birthday.  She thought that you were the best present ever!

Your middle name was after my Grandpa, Paul Angle who passed away just a year before you were born. 

 As you can see, you have been loved very much!  

We started the morning with puff pancakes...

Then had all of the family over to celebrate with us in the evening.  Since Bailie's birthday is in two days, we celebrated hers too {at least with the extended family}.

I feel so blessed that God has given you to us.  You are so fun to watch as you play Peter Parker {AKA Spider-man}, jam to music, try to protect your baby sister, draw and color.  I love how God has made you to have a very tender heart.  Daddy and I can't wait to see God's plan for you unfold.  We love you Jackson Paul.  
Happy 5th Birthday to our big boy!


Janelle said...

Happy birthday to Jack! Hard to believe he's five already, they grow so quickly :)

kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!!! =)

The Adams Family said...

Absolutely precious! Happy Birthday! Blessings, The Adams

Brenda said...

Jackson Paul, you came along in a time when we needed a little boy to join our family. Trey was so excited to get a boy cousin!!!
You have been a blessing to us all and make us laugh at things you do and say. Your heart is very big and you love with all of it. One day God is going to make you into a Man that seeks after God's own heart because He loves like that too.
I love you so much...moaster toaster
Grandma Nana