Saturday, November 5, 2011

Butchering Hogs Part 2: The Sacrifice

After supper, the men head outside to do the hardest part of the butchering process.  Death was prolonged more than they had hoped; and in frustration, Jeff looks up into the sky and says, "Lord, I wish there was a better way!"  This isn't how it was supposed to be.

One of our good friends reminded us that the death of an animal used to be an act of worship.  A spotless animal was placed on the alter as a sacrifice.  Blood was shed to cover man's sins.  Then God, in His great mercy, sent His very own spotless lamb to be an atonement for all man kind.

Afterwards, the men then took the pigs to the kitchen at the camp.  That is where they weighed, cleaned and skinned them.   I'll spare you all the details. :)


After bucket loads of tears where shed at the house, everyone unanimously wanted to go and watch the rest of the process.  Surprisingly they did very well.  They had lots of questions and tried to get as close as they could to see what all was happening.  We had all sorts of science and anatomy going on right there in the back of the kitchen.  I must admit that I was pretty interested in this process too.

And the men, they acted like this was more play than work.  It was fun to sit back and watch them talk about the 'you tube' videos they each had watched and how healthy the meat looked ect. 
 The six of them made a great team!

Children played while coffee brewed.  It was a late night for the men.  They had all 3 pigs {ready for processing} in the walk-in-cooler and the kitchen sanitized by 11:00 pm.   

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