Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conner Prairie

I must apologize ahead of time to those of you who get bored by pictures.  This is all I have time to do these days and my main goal for this blog is to serve as a memory for our children.  :) lighting really needed to be adjusted, but it was too sweet to leave out.

Saturday was Museum Day.  Anyone could sign up for 2 free tickets, per email address, to a Museum of your choice (providing it was on the list).  We have 2 email address so with our 4 free tickets and our authentic dress, we were all able to get in for free.  The girls couldn't wait to wear their new bonnets that Grandpa and Grandma Nana (Rapp) brought home for them from Wisconsin.  They picked out their outfits the night before and tried really hard to wear something that resembled the good ole prairie days.

We met up with our good friends Greg and Lana and their family and had a wonderful time.  It started out a bit chilly, but we were so thankful for the sun and not rain. :)

These pigs were so much fun to watch.  When they weren't attached to their mother they were running around playing or chasing their mother to feed some more.  She looked so tired.

Miss Maddie did pretty well.  She was happy to be put down and would take off walking looking back at us as if to say, "Can you see how big I am?"

The area was just beautiful.  

Taking a break in the school house.

Maddie didn't know what to think of this wholly sheep. 

Here is Jack grinding the clay to make pottery.

The children were most delighted to help with the washing. 

And grind some corn for corn meal.  

This my friends, was the biggest shocker of them all.  She was given only 2 chances and...

She nailed them both!  We were so proud, and a little surprised, of our little tomahawk thrower!

Their way of life is so fascinating to Jeff and I.   If we really think about it, it would be so much more work, but it appears to be such a simple way of life.


kelly said...

what a fun day!! i love connors prairie!! i remember going there with school. way to go, bailie!! that IS impressive!!! ps...i LOVE your pictures. =)

Olivia Coy said...

We love Conner Prairie. It's been a few years though.

Kim said...

Wow Bailie, Joshua is impressed!!

You all looked like you had a great time. We may have to pay them a visit this Fall.


Jerilyn said...

Please tell Miss Bailie that the boys are mighty impressed with her tomohawk throwing skills!!!!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

How fun! That looks incredible!

Traci said...

This looks wonderful! So proud of sweet Bailie!!! Please give her a hug for Miss Traci. I love following you and knowing that I not only get to be your admirer, I get to be your friend as well!!!

How did the family pics turn out?

Miss you!

We're going to tray to come out on Friday night. I was trying to arrange to stay Friday night but Scott is overwhelmed and couldn't go there. :(

Love you!