Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy Little Hands

If you have little children in your care then you know the importance of trying to keep their hands busy.  They love to explore and are not ones to just sit and do nothing.  When my toddler is quiet, I usually know that he is up to this perhaps...

Blue glitter finger nail polish.  At least he didn't use it on the carpeted floors!

or this...

This was Jack as a toddler.  This day he found the lipstick.

I have been brainstorming ideas to keep the little ones busy while I am helping the older ones with their studies.  I tried to think of two activities they can play with.  One for the morning and one for the afternoon.  Friday afternoons we go to co-op so I only need something for the morning.

Monday's - Barn and farm animals / Puzzles

Tuesday's - Train set / Foam pattern play

Wednesday's - Lego's / Blocks and match box cars

Thursday's - Tractors / Magnet pattern play

Friday's - Link-en Logs

Here are some other activities that I will use to keep them occupied and help them to learn at the same time.

1.  Place snack on the line of a letter or number.  For the snack I use whatever I have on hand.  It may be raisins, craisins, nuts or cereal.  Once they have covered the whole letter or number then they are able to enjoy the snack.

2.  String a necklace using yarn and cereal.  Then they can enjoy the cereal.

3.  Math Mat.  I love this item!  You can use it for number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction.  I usually have an older child play with the younger one to help them as they are learning their numbers.

4.  Make a cologe.  We have a baggie of cut-up construction paper.  I let them take the pieces and using glue sticks, decorate another piece of construction paper.  Sometimes I will draw a letter or number and have them glue them on the lines.

5.  Finger paint with pudding.  Of course this one is going to need more adult supervision. 

6.  Leap frog learning videos.

Do you have any other ideas for keeping little hands busy?


Jedidja said...

O,o ... Yes, if you do not hear them play, they often discover something. Is it clean now? Or shall you always see it on your floor?

I think you've already got lots of ideas to keep your child busy. Outside play is a favorite here.

Amanda said...

I love pouring activities for our littles, they love figuring out stickers and I often have them stick them on a page (we call it sticker station!), I also picked up a parmesan shaker at the dollar store-and a salt and pepper shaker and have them stick pieces of spaghetti in the holes :) Blessings!

Brenda said...

Wonderful ideas Jennie, wish I would have been as creative as you are...but then I had you and you taught your sisters too.